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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A little backstory...

This little experience started when we acquired a parlor set that is attributed to Prudent Mallard from the estate of the last aristocrat in Ripley. It's very nice, although incomplete. We have the settee and the gentleman's chair, but the lady's chair has been long lost. So, my husband picked up a chair from the same period when we went to the Mississippi Nurses Association meeting in Biloxi last October. it looks nice. I'm pleased.
Actually, come to think of it, all this started earlier. We bought a gentleman's dresser from the same aristocrat before her death. It is quarter-sewn oak I am told. The unique thing about it is that is has two hatboxes lateral to the mirror. They both have mirrors on the front of the doors. I have googled and googled, and I can't find any other dresser that looks like it. We then bought the rest of the bedroom set from one of her neighbors that the family had lent it to when their family's house had burned probably three quarters of a century ago. It is a beautiful set that was bought new from Finger's Five and Dime store on the Ripley square. There still is a label on the back of the dresser. The company is still in existance somewhere up North. I really need to email them the pictures. That's another thing I've put off for more than five years...
Perhaps I can take some new pictures and post them to see who can tell me something about it. We'll see.
To the point of this post: We went "antiquing" on Saturday to Collierville, Tennessee. Like many "antique stores" in our area, many had what I like to term a "junklectic" mix of items. The one new store we discovered is actually an auction house. Beautiful stuff. He also sells some of his personally bought things outright. We bought a chandelier for the foyer. It's not antique (20 to 30 years old), but beautiful still. I'll try to post pictures as I can.

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